Our Team

Owner, Yvonne Williams opened her own pet grooming and boarding facility in Gatesville in March of 2007.

It was her working with a local veterinary clinic for a very short time that drew her interest in the pet industry. She self taught in the industry and went through two online classes. Several workshops and many conventions to stay up on the latest pet trends, pet cuts and fashion.  Shortly after opening she soon realized she needed help in the fast pace, fast growing industry.  


Becky has been in the industry for 3 years. After doing apprentice with Yvonne for a year she quickly became one of the creative groomers and loves color. Becky attends seminars to keep up with todays trends and fashion. She is also certified in PET CPR. Becky is in hopes to open her own shop once Yvonne retires. In a few years that is.  

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